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op 8 juli 2015 om 2:47

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“If I let it affect everything, it’s gonna own everything.
I don’t deny it or pretend it’s not there, but if I don’t
allow it to be bigger than it is, then I can do everything else!” (Michael J. Fox).

Being passionate for dance all his life and founder of Danshuis Station Zuid, Marc Vlemmix was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 37. By trying to ignore it and continuing life like nothing’s changed, unconsciously it started to affect everything. By quitting his yoga class and weekly gym, he was avoiding the confrontation with his balance problems and decreasing muscle strength. By focusing for 200% on his work, he was desperately trying to hold the past.

Something had to change. In the beginning of 2012 he decided to go into the dance studio to rediscover his body again and enrich his mind through dancing. By doing the unexpected, facing and embracing his limitations, a whole new world of endless possibilities did open. The limitation became an enrichment. He founded Dance for Health, to inspire people with Parkinson with dance classes, not only to support their mobility, but to awaken possibilities.

Marc Vlemmix says: “Especially in this changing time, in a world in transition, art can really move something. How? By being innovative and inspirational to people. By helping to let go the old and creating space for the unknown. It feels like I have more energy then ever. I strongly believe, it’s the power of the dance that can make a difference in society as it did in my life. Let’s change peoples life through movement”

Regarding Marc Vlemmix

Marc Vlemmix (Asten, 1972) is initiator of the foundation Dance for Health in Rotterdam, which provides dance classes for people with Parkinson. He dedicated his professional life to the performance art for almost 20 years now. During his study Art and Culture sciences at Erasmus University he started his career as programmer of the city theatre in Arnhem. In 2005 he was asked by the ministry of Culture to become artistic entrepreneur of a new dance production platform in the southern part of Holland, Danshuis Station Zuid. He developed an innovative new concept where dance creation, talent development, education and participation is approached as one, all connected.

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