TEDxBreda 2018

We are proud to announce TEDxBreda 2018 is coming up! TED granted us a license to organize for more than 100 visitors, as only the 5th city in The Netherlands.

TEDxBreda 2018 will take place at Breepark on April 12th 2018. At this moment we are busy organizing. Keep in touch by one of the ways below. See you there!

When will TEDxBreda 2018 takes place?

TEDxBreda will take place at Breepark Breda on April 12, 2018!</ p>

How can I attend TEDxBreda 2018?

At this moment we did not start the registration for TEDxBreda 2018. To stay update, see ways below to stay in touch.</ p>

How can I stay updated about TEDxBreda 2018?

You can stay updated by following us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram or by subscribing for our newsletter (subscribe on the bottom of this page).</ p>

I have an inspiring idea! How can I share it?

Great to hear! At this moment, our program for 2018 is full, but there are multiple occasions throughout the year when we organize event and we have a longlist for potential speakers.  Send your idea to program@tedxbreda.nl</ p>

I would love to connect to TEDxBreda with my organization. How can I do that?

Great to hear! We would love to connect to organizations that share the believes of TEDxBreda. Get in touch by sending an email to info@tedxbreda.nl</ p>